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Our secondary courses start after the bridge course between primary and secondary (Skippers) which is taught at an A2 level. After this course, Queen’s Lingua students may choose from two paths:

Exam Preparation

As students embark upon their teenage years, one of the areas that many students choose to move into is exam English. Here at Queen’s Lingua, we have a series of courses designed to prepare students for the official B1, B2, and C1 examinations which are delivered through a team of highly experienced exam preparation teachers some of whom are Cambridge examiners themselves.
Our courses are ideal for those wanting to go to university or who are interested in preparing themselves for experiences in foreign countries (such as the Erasmus), or simply to prepare for their professional careers.
Classes are twice per week for either a year (B1) or over two years (B2 and C1). Students are continuously evaluated, with the teacher making a firm recommendation on exam candidacy.
  • Twice a week (3h): 17:30-19:00

General English Courses

The alternative path that we offer here at Queen’s Lingua has been designed to continue your child’s English language journey, but without the addition of exam preparation. This path continues along the same scale of levels as a student may find when preparing for exams (B1, B2, C1).
This path continues to run parallel to the exam preparation courses. These courses will run once or twice per week, depending on the student’s needs.
We have designed our two secondary paths so that they run parallel to each other. This means that students and parents can be flexible in how they plan their learning throughout their teenage years. Students who start along the ‘General English’ path can easily switch to exams at any stage, and vice versa.
If you feel that the pressure of official examinations is not something your child is ready for, you may choose to have your child attend our general English courses and opt to switch to exam preparation at a later stage, without being at any disadvantage.
  • Once or twice per week: 17:30-19:00

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