About us

Founded in 1977, Queen’s College is a secular and co-educational school. It follows the British national curriculum and also complementary studies from the Spanish Ministry of Education curriculum.
In 2008, the Summer School was re-launched as an open space where everyone could learn English.
With the aim of continuing and expanding upon this project, our Language School was born in 2014. Our school strives for excellence and commitment; the cornerstones of Queen’s philosophy.
  • Language immersion: expression and comprehension are attained through context and language exposure.
  • Experimental learning methodology: Great variety of recreational and educational activities such as handicrafts, sports and games.
  • Native, expert and thoughtful teachers.


At Queen’s Lingua, our mission is to provide first-rate language classes, through an approach that focuses on three key concepts.

Firstly, a dedication to communicative language learning, which means that interaction must be both the means and the ultimate goal of language study.

Secondly, inclusive learning which aims to ensure that all students have a sense of challenge, progress and achievement, regardless of their personal characteristics and educational background.

Thirdly, a commitment to immersive language learning, which means emphasising the use of authentic English materials. In other words, using ‘real’ English (songs, videos, stories, etc.) instead of textbooks.
At Queen’s Lingua, our ethos casts aside the traditional use of textbook, heavy, technical classes
Our teachers are dedicated to creating excellence in language learning through classes which are kinaesthetic and activity based, and which provide a sense of stimulation and fun for students after a long day of school.