Tailor-made Courses

We carry out English courses adapted to your business needs. Whether you want to offer courses to your employees, clients, children of employees, etc; contact us and we will organise a tailor-made course according to your needs.

Business English. If you are an entrepreneur or are involved in the world of business and wish to expand your client portfolio to the vast foreign community present on the islands, you can prepare yourself through our Business English courses. As part of our business oriented instruction, you will learn how to communicate with foreign clients on both a linguistic and cultural level, aspects that can be decisive for your organisation.

Scientific English. If you are from the scientific or health community, you can trust in Queen's Lingua to prepare you for the reading and study of medical and scientific literature that is published mainly in English.

If you require English for other circumstances, or are pursuing a specific objective, do not hesitate to contact us by calling 971 40 10 11 or sending an email to idiomas@queenscollege.es


For information regarding place availability, please send an email to idiomas@queenscollege.es: