We understand that learning a language as an adult presents a different set of challenges to when learning as a child. The constraints of adult life make it difficult to dedicate as much time to study. To that end, we have endeavored to produce a series of courses that offer opportunities both for the casual learner and for those interested in more serious study and exam preparation. Ideal for those professionals interested in working in international companies, work interviews or public examinations.

Conversation groups

Our conversational English classes run during the week and we have deliberately designed syllabuses that aim to guide students through the various levels of the language in a more relaxed, conversational manner. Our classes include debates, discussions, and roleplays that will help you to sharpen your speaking skills.
Monday-Thursday (17:30-19:00):
  • A2: Monday
  • B2: Tuesday
  • B1: Wednesday
  • A1: Thursday

Exam preparation

For those interested in preparing for official examinations, we offer a series of intensive courses on Saturday mornings for the B1, B2, and C1 examinations. Courses are delivered by experienced and qualified language instructors who specialise in exam preparation and in some cases, are even examiners themselves that provide the pupils with the skills needed to sit and official examination.
  • Saturdays:09:45-13:00

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